Innovate 4 Water

02.03.2022 um 00:00

"Innovate 4 Water"is a marketplace to build bridges between all key stakeholders leveraging water-related sectors opportunities in the Geneva region. It is organised by InTent and Waterpreneurs.


Why “Innovate 4 Water”?

"Innovate 4 Water " fosters interactions between global and local players from the private sector, the public sector and the civil society to shift financing towards innovative impactful local solutions.

"Innovate 4 Water " addresses critical challenges in the water nexus, sanitation, energy, food health, circular economy, off grid and smart technologies, climate change mitigation and adaption and innovative finance, to name a few.



  • Innovative finance for water-related solutions.
  • Water, peace and development.
  • Water stewardship in corporate supply chains.
  • New water technologies linked to the knowledge and exploitation of the resource: circular economy, nature-based solutions, food security.
  • Promotion of sustainable solutions in water management and planning: sanitation (recovery of by-products),new wastewater treatment technologies, drinking water(treatment and storage).†
  • NEXUS: water, energy, environment, agriculture/conservation/biodiversity/water and peace.†
  • Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) and water security, IWRM in the Rhone transboundary basin between Switzerland and France.



  • Creation of an environment of trust that allows cross-sector collaboration.† 
  • Improved understanding of financially viable relevant business models and the benefits of social and environmental impact.
  • Built capacity in the entrepreneurial community.
  • Creation of integrated approaches (i.e.coalitions, consortia) accelerating the financing of the sector.
  • Action-oriented partnerships formed for impactful implementation, market-based solution-driven networks created.



  • SMEs and multinational companies with interest in the water nexus sector
  • utilities and civil engineering
  • primary and manufacturing industries
  • investors (banking, asset management, private banking, corporates, venture capital, private equity)
  • water nexus institutions (foundations, coalitions, associations)
  • non-government and governmental organisations, national and local
  • universities / incubators / research institutions


More information: On the website of Innovate 4 Water


Enddatum: 02.03.2022