Event Smart Energy

28.08.2020 08:00

For its 10th edition, the Smart Energy Event was always going to change perspective. The Covid-19 crisis made a change of format an easy decision. With social distancing in mind, the 2020 Conference will have a hybrid format: a live webcast and – for a limited number of attendees – a physical event. The presentations – by leading speakers as always – will be concentrated into a half-day, but recordings will also be made available to registered attendees.

The programme for this anniversary Conference can be summed up in one word: inspiration. The objective of the Smart Energy Event is to inspire participants with original thinking and dynamic presentations of energy-related projects.

Rather than looking back, at the origins of the Smart Energy Event for example (which began in 2011 in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear accident), the organisers are lifting the veil on the different scenarios awaiting the energy industry in the coming years, and delivering insight into the practices that are working in Switzerland and abroad.

Smart energy management is about more than power grids, installed capacities and solar panels. It is about corporate organisation, business models and other ideas that bring progress to the world and help us to safeguard the environment.


Welcome on board for a different kind of journey, one that will surprise you, but also – and more importantly – inspire you.


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End date: 28.08.2020