India: A ready Market for Swiss Environmental Technology SME’s

18.04.2018 16:00

India’s urgent need for Wastewater Treatment

The most famous Indian environmental project in recent years is the USD multibillion national mission to clean-up the
holy river Ganges in order to restore the quality of the water. The clean-up of the river, contaminated by toxic waste and
sewage, and the construction of treatment plants are the top priorities of Modi’s administration. The need to treat wastewater is generally a goal set by municipal authorities everywhere, but India has the capacity to treat approximately a third of its wastewater. The remaining quantity is being discharged without any kind of treatment to the coastal waters. Also, in urban areas water resources and infrastructure are under significant pressure due to high water demand and complex consumption patterns within small but highly populated areas. Currently, the demands of the most cities are satisfied by transporting water from hundreds of kilometers. A local level solution is necessary for a sustainable water management. (source: i.a. &

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End date: 18.04.2018