The Swiss GCC FORUM & EXPO 2022

29.06.2022 10:00

The 1st Switzerland – GCC Economic Forum & Expo under the theme «Opportunity – Business -Investment» takes place on the 28th and 29th of June 2022 at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva.

The economic diversification in the Arab States of the Gulf will provide new opportunities for Swiss enterprises that produce specialized technical solutions. The continuous cooperation between the GCC Countries and Switzerland in addition to exchanging views over several regional and international issues are in mutual interest.


29th June - Cleantech Presentation and Q&A

A key challenge for the Gulf Arab State in the next decade will be to manage energy, water, and food resources to ensure both high living standards and sustainable growth in the long term. Aware of these challenges, Gulf Arab states are undertaking a variety of measures to ensure long-term sustainable growth.


These includes:

  • introducing energy efficiency measures
  • investing in clean fuel and renewable energy supplies
  • improving water efficiency
  • investing in new water desalination capacity
  • buying or leasing agricultural land abroad


The complete programm und more information: The Swiss GCC FORUM & EXPO 2022


End date: 29.06.2022 10:45