AEW Energie's entry into its capital strenghtens Evpass in german-speaking switzerland


Owned until now by Green Motion SA and FMV SA (Forces Motrices Valaisannes), the evpass SA company – which operates the largest national network of public charging stations in Switzerland for electric vehicles – is increasing and opening up its capital. It is the Aargau energy distributor AEW which has invested in the Vaud company.

This significant capital contribution again speeds up the expansion of the evpass network, which commissioned more than 500 stations in 2018, to a total of 1,070 spread out in 370 municipalities throughout the country. From now on, the 3 partners each own 33% of the company.

The very fast extension of the evpass network – about ten public stations a week – entails strong partnerships. After the early investment by the Valais hydroelectric producer FMV SA, it is now the weighty German electricity distributor AEW Energie AG that is entering the evpass SA company. This entry into the shareholding will enable evpass to strengthen and develop its network in German-speaking Switzerland. AEW is in fact a major energy supplier and a key player in the electricity market.

François Randin, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of evpass SA, is delighted: “This partnership ensures us the rapid opening of doors to our neighbors and bolsters our strategy of expansion into the east of the country. Without doubt the fixed target of 3,000 stations installed by 2020 will be achieved”.

Managing Director of FMV SA, Paul Michellod applauds this arrival. “AEW consolidates evpass’s national ambition and confirms the strategic importance of electric mobility in the very near future”.

René Soland, Member of the Executive Board of AEW Energie AG, is delighted: “Electric mobility is the future. AEW sees in it a big potential and is happy to co-operate with two French-speaking companies for the development of e-mobility in Switzerland”.

An ideal alliance

The mutual choice of the three partners within evpass SA, owner of the densest network in Europe, is no coincidence. It is the alliance of a world technological leader and Swiss leader in the charging stations market, a renewable energy producer from Valais, and a major Swiss German electricity distributor.


Source : evpass