ExerGo secures an additional €1M to accelerate commercialization in Switzerland and worldwide


ExerGo announces that, in addition to last year’s seed funding round of €3.2M, it has secured another €1 million in capital to accelerate its commercialization and expand its operation into new markets. The investments come from its existing investors EREN Groupe, Baker Hughes and a private investor. This growth support is further sustained by the development partners Swiss Climate Foundation and The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT).

The activation of the investments’ options demonstrates the investors’ trust in ExerGo’s technology. Showing the impact of its ongoing and future projects, the company proves that compact thermal networks are and will continue to be the most sustainable and economically viable energy solution for utilities, real estate developers, and industrial applications. 

With its all-year-round operating pilot plant in Sion (Valais, Switzerland), which held an open-house inauguration welcoming more than 80 leaders in the energy- and cleantech sector last year, and with multiple commercialization projects in the pipeline, the startup is laser-focused on blazing a new path toward sustainable energy.

Vincent Eckert, Managing Director, Swiss Climate Foundation:

“We need innovative technologies to accelerate the decarbonization of our cities. ExerGo, supported by the Swiss Climate Foundation, develops an urgently needed solution to transfer heat and cold with efficient networks for high-density urban areas. This allows the use of residual heat and cold, that would be wasted otherwise.”

Harnessing renewable resources and waste heat, ExerGo helps its customers save up to 80% in primary energy compared to fossil fuel-based systems. In addition, the startup uses COâ‚‚ as a working fluid in a closed system, differentiating itself from water-based heating and cooling networks. This makes the system up to nine times denser, and significantly smaller and faster to deploy, with up to 60% savings in network installation cost.

As ExerGo continues to advance its technology and gain recognition, the startup prides itself that more and more utilities, municipalities, and private companies worldwide are warming up to such innovative solutions. The startup is also expanding its services to the real estate market, where it will meet more than 2,500 professionals at RENT – Switzerland’s leading real estate event – to present its compact thermal network.


Source : Press release