eSmart offers a platform for connected homes

eSmart offers a platform for connected homes

eSmart is a start-up based at Ecublens in Vaud, which works with property management organisations and private owners to make our homes both connected and sustainable.

Founded in 2011 by Fabrizio Lo Conte and Laurent Fabre, the company has developed modules that can manage the electricity consumption of apartments, houses, or an entire apartment block. The system can control not only the heating but also all the electrical installations in a home, lowering blinds automatically, for example. Instructions can be given from a smartphone, a tablet or a touch screen, which also includes a videophone. 

Domestic energy consumption can also be monitored in real time. The system does not require any special wiring and is easily integrated into existing homes. The modules are connected behind the electrical switches already in place and enable each item of equipment to be controlled from a screen 


Homes can be accessed remotely

Simply being able to observe and control a household's energy consumption has a direct effect on its electricity bill. Savings of 10% can be achieved. "But electricity represents only a third of the energy used," explains Fabrizio Lo Conte. "Our system provides residents with information and takes action on their behalf."

"eSmart now offers a real platform for sustainable, connected buildings. We use a videophone to manage not just access, but also communications, hot water, and regulation of the heating," continues Lo Conte. In addition, the touch screen enables property management organisations to communicate with their tenants, "more efficiently than by simply using a notice stuck to the stairwell". eSmart also offers these organisations remote diagnostic tools. To date, the company's equipment has been fitted in 650 homes.


At the cutting edge of innovation 

Lo Conte and Fabre were both doctoral students at EPFL, and originally intended to work in the field of home automation and intelligent power sockets. Their company's client list now includes SUVA, UBS, and Credit Suisse as well as a large number of property management organisations. It is involved in projects such as the development of the Eikenott eco-district in Gland (Vaud), the largest eco-district in western Switzerland.

eSmart has received several distinctions and prestigious awards, including the 2011 Prix Entreprendre Région Lausanne (PERL), the 2014 Swisscom Innovation Award, and the 2015 Prix Strategis, awarded by the organisation HEC Espace Entreprise. At the end of 2016, the start-up finalised its first round of financing, with the aim of boosting its development in the German-speaking areas of Switzerland. Its turnover is now close to CHF 2 million.



Source : Panorama des start-ups cleantech





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