GreenWins encourages recycling

GreenWins encourages recycling

Bernese company GreenWins has developed interactive terminals that offer rewards to people who recycle their waste.

The company develops interactive recycling terminals. A touch screen is used to combine the collection of waste with a marketing concept that rewards users, provides information, and offers gifts or loyalty points. Launched in 2008 under the name Recyclean, the project was reactivated in 2017 by Pascal Reichen and is now called GreenWins.

"It took five years' work to develop these terminals," explains Reichen, a trained engineer. After several pilot terminals, the first full-scale tests started, at locations that included a McDonald’s restaurant in Biel. "The reactions from users are very encouraging," Reichen says.

Terminals that adapt to their environment

The GreenWins terminals can be adapted to all recyclable products: used batteries, coffee capsules, paper, aluminium cans and even medication. "A touch screen makes it possible to show advertisements and make contact with the person using the terminal, giving them the chance to win a prize or obtain a discount," explains Reichen.

As the designer of these interactive terminals, he can see endless possibilities: "In each situation, or for each type of product to be recycled, we can adapt our offer to the requirements of the host organisation and the advertisers who want to get a message across, although the number of actors involved in each installation sometimes makes implementation of the project complicated." Initially, he envisages that they will be rolled out in train stations and supermarkets.

"People want to recycle their waste, we should help them by giving them an additional motivation.” In Switzerland, only about 53% of waste is recycled and 47% is incinerated. "We've carried out a survey of 1000 people, which showed that 40% of them actually recycle their waste. With our terminals, we can almost double that proportion. So it would be possible to recycle 75% of waste, without changing anything in the packaging. We can do it!", enthuses Reichen, whose concept has received support from the Bern Canton.

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