The know-how and expertise within the CleantechAlps network make it the gateway to clean technology in western Switzerland. Whether you are a research organisation, an SME or a start-up, the CleantechAlps cluster gives you visibility, support and networking opportunities. 

Becoming a member of CleantechAlps helps you to:

  • develop your business
  • gain international visibility
  • access specific industrial networks

What is cleantech?

Cleantech ("clean technologies") encompass all the technologies, industries and services which help to protect and conserve natural resources. In other words, cleantech are simply the services and technologies that facilitate the sustainable use of resources.


Our aim is to promote western Switzerland as a European centre of excellence for clean technologies in order to encourage the development of its companies and research organisations. To achieve this, CleantechAlps is:  

  • the main point of contact in western Switzerland 
  • the force driving intercantonal activity to develop the cleantech sector
  • the coordinator for cleantech matters among SMEs, organisations, professional bodies and the cantons

History of the project

As part of their strategy to promote different industrial sectors, the conference of ministers of economic affairs of western Switzerland (CDEP-SO) decided to launch the 4th subject platform on cleantech. This same initiative has already resulted in the formation of three clusters, BioAlps for life sciences, AlpICT for information and communication technology and Micronarc for micro- and nanotechnology. With the creation of CleantechAlps, the region is extending this successful development strategy to the cleantech sector.


CleantechAlps is supported by ARI-SO and the cantons, and is jointly chaired by the cantons of Valais and Fribourg. The operational secretariat is at the company CimArk at Sion (Valais).