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Pyrotech Swiss SA est une jeune société basée à Vouvry en Suisse.
Sa raison d'être et de trouver des solutions « zéro déchet », non pas par des privations et de l'austérité mais par de l'ingéniosité et des avancements technologiques.
SAMAWATT aide les exploitants de parcs éoliens et solaires à optimiser les ventes d'énergies renouvelables.
Home automation solutions for monitoring energy and environmental data in buildings.
ABCD Technology
Production of equipment for deposition of 3D-patterned multifunctional thin films using the CBE (Chemical Beam Epitaxy) process.
Production of low-energy photodetectors for mobile applications.
Simulation and optimisation software for adapting electricity grids to renewable energy.
Agile Wind Power
Design of vertical-axis wind turbines that reduce maintenance costs and increase profitability and efficiency.
Common trading platform for producers and distributors of agricultural raw materials.
Use of drones for crop treatment. Reduction of the environmental impact by optimising the amounts of pesticide used.
Airlight Energy Holding
Supply of solar technology for large-scale concentrated solar power (CSP) generation and energy storage.
System for intelligent management of the production and storage of solar energy aggregated to a virtual power plant for grid balancing.
Unit that measures the water consumption of a shower.
WindRail, an energy generation system installed on buildings, combining solar and wind power.
Equipment that produces drinking water from air.
Innovative water-based products for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, for the B2B and B2C markets.
Aquanetto Group
Modular solution for water and air treatment based on UV disinfection technology.
Intelligent self-contained natural ventilation system (with remote window opening control).
Real-time monitoring of the location and transport conditions of shipping containers.
Aurora's Grid
enterprise working on the energy storage domain and develop an energy management of battery energy storage system (BES) for smart-building.
Pléco, a robot suction device for selective elimination of algae from lakes, and valorisation of the biomass collected.
Ultra-light electric racing cars that combine advanced composites and biopolymers to achieve greater energy efficiency and total recyclability.
Solar-powered charging network for all types of smartphones.
Technology that modifies the microstructure of a lithium-ion battery to achieve faster charging and more efficient use.
Bcomp Ltd.
Supplier of robust, high-performance materials for the industry, developing lightweight solutions based on renewable materials.
Sustainability indicator that assesses the environmental impact of foodstuffs used in the catering industry.
BEN Energy
Solution providing smart monitoring and prediction of energy consumption.
Cloud technology that fully exploits the potential of driverless vehicles to address transport issues worldwide.
Biocom Energy
Biofuels made from walnut shells and vine wood.
Biotechnologie Concept Innovation (BCI) Environnement
Aerobic bioreactors to accelerate the recycling of food waste through composting, with a 90% reduction in volume in 24 hours.
Bluebox, a low-cost system for treating pig slurry and water containing high levels of pollutants and nutrients.
Bluewatt Engineering
Modelling software for optimising the operation and energy consumption of waste water treatment plants.
BNL Clean Energy
Standardised modular energy generation plants for recycling waste (zero emission).
bNovate Technologies
Online automated solution for continuous detection of bacteria in drinking water (results available in 20 minutes).
System facilitating the transfer of containers from road to rail.
Bright sensors
Sensors that enable the quality of gas to be measured.
Composite body parts for vehicles, which improve their performance characteristics (prestige, motor racing, etc.)
Renewable energy marketplace that helps electricity consumers, large and small, choose the origin of their energy.
Active carbon filters for air treatment.
Carbon Active
Software that identifies and analyses the climate change resilience of publicly-listed companies.
Carbon Delta
Pyrolysis furnace development for the purpose of producing biochar with heat recovery.
Hybrid city-car with a solar roof, using new plant-based materials and removes pollution from the ambient air.
Compact, lightweight electric drive systems (ultra-high speed motors, turbocompressors and converters) based on sensorless speed control technology.
IT solutions and geovisualisation systems for use in urban intelligence and monitoring.
Beekeeping on the roofs of business premises and real-time monitoring of bee activity, with the option of biosurveillance.
Equipment that produces disinfectant and degreasing products by the electrolysis of saline solutions.
Intelligent self-cleaning technology for solar panels, based on the use of electrostatic waves.
CLEMAP AG fournit des solutions de désagrégation de la charge aux fournisseurs d'énergie.
Equipment for carbon capture from ambient air.
Online platform for developing interactive 3D models of cities for urban and territorial planning.
Aeroponic culture system for soilless production of salad crops.
Low-energy lighting solutions based on organic LED technology.
Home security system based on connected LED lamp technology.
A management tool to make cities cleaner through the use of smart cameras.
Production of biofuel from biomass by catalytic depolymerization.
Fully-electric, multipurpose cargo tricycle for urban use.
Solution qui optimise l'utilisation des espaces de travail (surface utile), par la mesure et l'analyse des données des collaborateurs et des bâtiments.
Real-time environmental measurement and monitoring system.
Solutions for the management, control and optimisation of low-voltage electricity grids.
Manufacture and sale of fully-integrated photovoltaic roofing solutions.
Development of components for electric vehicles.
dhp technology
Retractable photovoltaic roof system which transforms car parks and logistics areas into electricity generating plants.
A system for networking all of the devices in a household using the existing electricity wiring.
Sensors for real-time detection of gas leaks.
Droople is smart grid that orchestrate IoT devices and a cloud server with AI capabilities enabling pay-per-use, leak detection, consumption behaviors insights on the demand side and remote data collection and supply forecasting on the supply side. With this features set, droople's platform can also operate for smart irrigation.
Dufour Aerospace
With over 30 years of experience in Swiss commercial helicopter operations, we understand the real world requirements of VTOL aircraft.
E-Force One
E-FORCE ONE SA produit et vend des camions électriques entre 18t et 40t sur la base des châssis de IVECO
Software for the catering industry that calculates the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain.
Independently-powered robots that reduce the negative environmental impact of modern agriculture.
Rental of potted Christmas trees for the festive season, after which the trees are collected and taken back to the nursery.
EGEN Açig Textile Care
EGEN ouvre la voie d'un pressing plus écologique et innovant.
IT solutions for real-time operations management in the transport sector.
Enairys Powertech
Development, manufacture and marketing of solutions for the management and storage of clean energy based on compressed air.
Platform that allows new business models for the energy sector to be implemented, such as the control and optimisation of virtual power plants.
Enersis suisse
Software solutions for the intelligent management of energy production and distribution networks.
Enoki - conception durable
Enoki est un bureau d'ingénieurs et d'architectes qui propose des NeighborHubs.

Le NeighborHub est l'infrastructure essentielle pour tout projet ou quartier existant voulant poursuivre des objectifs de développement durable.

En particulier, un NeighborHub permet de : dynamiser le quartier et la ville, et améliorer la qualité de vie, favoriser l'économie locale et accompagner la transition écologique et énergétique.
Turnkey solutions for using turbines in excess drinking water for hydropower production.
ENUU propose le premier service de partage gratuit* de véhicule électrique léger (*chaque jour, les trois premières courses de chaque utilisateur sont gratuites).
Envergate Energy
Development, manufacture and operation of vertical-axis wind turbines.
Design of sensors and software (modelling) for environmental monitoring.
Intelligent street lighting management solution that improves energy efficiency.
eSMART Technologies
Intelligent building automation systems.
Web solution that facilitates the process of selling solar panels.
Explosion Power
Shock pulse generators for cleaning heat exchangers.
Solution that provides product and ingredient traceability and guarantees their origin.
Low-energy lunchbox that heats food quickly and cleans itself automatically.
Components for solid oxide fuel cells.
Safe drones for exploring and inspecting confined spaces and complex environments.
g2e glass2energy
Transparent or coloured solar cells based on Grätzel technology.
Gaiasens Technologies
Environmental modelling, real-time measurement, and implementation of operational solutions to manage natural hazards.
Solution for analysing crop and soil characteristics through the use of hyperspectral imaging data.
Development of data acquisition systems for the geothermal energy sector.
Natural hazard warning and alarm systems.
Shower technology with low water and energy consumption.
Technology for recycling polyethylene terephthalate (PET) via a process that combines microwaves and chemical reactions.
Green Motion
Design, manufacture and distribution of charging systems for electric vehicles.
Design, development and marketing of clean, durable propulsion systems,
applied to motor racing and innovation.
Ultra-sensitive heat flux sensors and laser power sensors
GridSteer is an EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne) spin-off. It provides an autopilot system for electric grids (concept-wise, similar to autopilot systems for autonomous cars or aircrafts). Our patented autopilot system can steer an electric grid (of any size, from microgrids to large distribution grids) to follow a given trajectory. While following the trajectory, the autopilot system takes care of grid safety, i.e., it avoids line congestion and voltage fluctuations.
Grove Boats
Solar-powered and hybrid boats for passenger transport services and the cleaning of ports and inland waters.
GRZ Technologies SA 
GRZ Technologies SA conçoit, fabrique et commercialise des produits et services dans le domaine des technologies relatives à l'hydrogène et aux énergies renouvelables ainsi que toute activité liée à cette mission.
Hangar 55
Construction of electrically-propelled aerobatic aircraft and battery management systems for aircraft and critical applications.
Plug & Play solution allowing secure remote access to buildings or facilities (management of installations, HVAC, home automation, remote maintenance, etc.).
Robots dedicated to monitoring water quality, and detecting and tracing pollution in lakes etc.
Decentralised waste water treatment units using flotation technology, production of energy via a pyrolysis reactor and production of fertiliser.
ID-Gene Ecodiagnostics
Diagnostic systems based on genetic identification for controlling and monitoring the quality and diversity of aquatic environments.
Transport of goods by bicycle and train and the development of sustainable supply chains.
Immersion4 SA
Immersion4 est la nouvelle alternative qui permet la transformation de la chaleur perdue des datacenters en une énergie digitale stabilisatrice pour les énergies renouvelables, créatrice d'opportunités et génératrice de revenus.
Manufacture of control equipment and prototyping equipment for use in power electronics.
Design and manufacture of equipment for thin-film deposition on a substrate (PECVD)
R&D services in the field of biomaterials and the production of biopolymer paving stones.
Modules for reducing the energy consumption and improving the efficiency of TV and telephone transmitters.
System for concentrating solar energy, enabling both efficiency and return on investment to be improved.
IRIS Industries SA
IRIS développe des capteurs à télémétrie laser pour détecter des obstacles et la topographie du terrain. Ces capteurs sont utilisés dans les véhicules autonomes.
Heat exchangers for showers that reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.
Kandou Bus
Ultra-high speed chip-to-chip connection technology, with low energy consumption, for electronic systems.
High quality low-energy lighting solutions based on active nanostructured fibre technology.
LavaConcept Switzerland
Construction materials manufactured from volcanic lava residues.
LEDsafari est une start-up dans le domaine de la technologie éducative, basée à Lausanne, qui a pour but de combiner l'énergie propre et l'éducation sur l'innovation durable, à travers une formation en sciences et design, centrée sur la création d'une lampe solaire LED.
LENR cars
LENR (low-energy nuclear reaction) electricity generator for powering electric vehicles.
Close to natural light ? production of plasma components and lamps and the integration of these into complex industrial systems.
Integrated solutions (software, intelligent controllers, etc.) for optimising operational planning in the energy sector.
Dry toilet solution with separation at source to allow composting of solid waste.
Mr. Green Recycling-Service
Waste collection and recycling service for private individuals.
High-end electric bicycles with digital connection.
Custom development of specialised nanoparticles and inorganic inks for surface coatings and thin films.
New Generation Tanks SA
NGT développe un nouveau type de réservoir en fibres de carbone pour stocker de l'hydrogène comprimé et alimenter des "Fuel Cell Vehicles" roulants ou volants.
New Voice
Software solution with generic plug & play integration of signal sensors for managing alarms and flows adapted for the development of smart cities.
Development and marketing of various products for the generation of renewable energy and for transport.
Novalight, an intelligent solution for the management and optimisation of public lighting based on the Internet of Things.
Units for the purification of drinking water and treatment of waste water based on electrochemistry, intended to replace the use of chemical products as much as possible.
Electrofilters for reducing fine particle emissions from wood-fired heating.
Open Stratosphere (Solar.Aero)
Deployment of very high-altitude platforms (drones) for tasks relating to environmental surveillance, observation or telecommunications.
Optical Additives
An additive for transparent polymers, transforming them into luminescent solar collectors.
Turnkey solutions for the management of connected objects (IoT ? LPWAN) adapted for the development of smart cities.
Floating infrastructure solution to install solar photovoltaic power plants on water bodies.
Equipment for producing electricity based on low-temperature heat recovery that uses the phenomenon of osmosis.
An intelligent parking management solution that detects vacant and full spaces in real time, as well as the length of time spent in a car park by each vehicle.
Pi Lighting
A service offering R&D, product development and product manufacturing based on LED and OLED technologies.
A service for sending electronic documents by physical post.
Real-time detection and monitoring of allergens in the air.
Plus MAT
Processes and equipment for the recycling and reuse of silicon from photovoltaic panels.
Service for forecasting electricity consumption profiles and optimising supply.
Power Plant and Marine emission control
Equipment for controlling pollutant emissions from the diesel engines of marine or terrestrial power plants.
PowerBlox (Medici Engineering)
PowerBlox, equipment for the decentralised production and storage of solar power.
Prana Sustainable Water
Platform for funding and valorising wastewater reuse.
EcoBITs, a system for the analysis and intelligent management of energy within a building.
Mobile biomass pellet manufacturing unit.
Bike sharing scheme.
Software for designing a photovoltaic panel installation.
Equipment for the sorting of seeds by size, shape, length or colour with high precision and minimal waste.
Production and sale of electric motorbikes and scooters.
Recyclean (Greenwins)
Intelligent, fun waste recycling points.
Commercialisation of an electrochemical technology for redox transformations, reducing costs and the environmental impact of industrial processes (water treatment, micropollutants, dyes, etc.).
Engineering with a test bench for testing components and systems in the field of renewable energy, focusing on photovoltaics.
Rethink Resource
Intelligent virtual marketplace to facilitate the exchange of waste and by-products between industrial operators.
ReWinner Atlman
Platform for the resale of materials and equipment in the construction industry.
RG Green Mobility
Production and distribution of electric vehicles and charging systems.
Wind measurement technology for optimising the configuration and improving the efficiency of wind turbines.
Platform for researching and optimising journeys to plan the best possible routes and reduce CO2 emissions.
Technology for the fast detection of the presence of pathogens in water and foodstuffs.
rSupply Solutions
Research, sales, treatment and distribution of secondary materials ready for recycling.
Rubbish Design
Manufacture and sale of bags and accessories made from used sails, kitesurfing kites and paragliding wings.
Samro Technik
Equipment for the cleaning and disinfection of installations based on the electrolysis of water using diamond electrodes.
An ecological alternative to disinfectants and chemical antibacterial cleaners.
Wireless charging devices for light electric vehicles such as e-bikes, e-scooters or electric wheelchairs.
SeaBubbles Switzerland SA
Nous pensons que la pollution et les embouteillages ne menacent pas seulement notre bien-être mais aussi notre liberté de mobilité.
Parce qu'en 2050, il y aura 4 milliards de voitures, et que même si elles sont toutes motorisées avec des énergies propres, cela créera quand même un immense embouteillage.

Nous rendons les cours d'eau accessibles à tous, tout autour du globe, en créant un nouveau mode de transport, à la vitesse d'une voiture, pour le prix d'une course en taxi, sans aucun impact sur l'environnement ou les infrastructures de la ville.
Modular solution (stationary or mobile) for the production of water from ambient air. Production of 2,500 to 10,000 litres of water per day.
Network of equipment for the measurement and management of online data for environmental surveillance, agriculture and civil engineering.
Shared Electric
Software enabling electricity distributors to interact with their customers and encourage them to optimise their consumption.
Multi-channel energy and resource measurement for optimising the efficiency of production systems.
SIGS (Swiss Innovative Green Solutions)
Autonomous units for water treatment and purification powered by renewable energy sources.
Skypull développe un système d'énergie éolienne d'altitude basé sur un drone entièrement autonome qui capte l'énergie des vents d'altitude forts, abondants et constants à travers un générateur au sol.
Intelligent solutions for charging electric vehicles by means of an intermediate connector linked to a server.
Smart Home Technology
?Zero standby power? module for minimising consumption by electrical appliances in standby mode.
Smart Power Pool
Optimisation software tools for electricity suppliers and grid operators.
Smart meter solution for the real-time visualisation, analysis and management of data for a building via a web-based platform.
Design and sale of preassembled, collapsible photovoltaic panels.
Hand-washing systems that use very low quantities of water and soap, based on a technological platform that provides an optimum mix of water, air and concentrated liquid soap.
Ultra-light urban electric vehicle manufactured on the basis of biopolymers and composite materials.
Design of flexible wings for sailing boats with applications in marine transport as a means of secondary propulsion.
SolarXplorers (SolarStratos)
A project involving stratospheric flight in a plane powered by solar energy - see the stars by daylight...
Provision of a nanotechnology film for the production of white or coloured photovoltaic modules especially adapted for design or BIPV purposes.
Design of interior or exterior applications based on the latest photovoltaics and nanotechnologies.
The production of superabsorbent material and peat substitutes from corn straw.
Platform for the real-time management of connected objects (equipment, sensors, machines, etc.). Applications for smart cities.
SEMS, a solution for the control and optimisation of the power consumption of companies? machines and equipment to avoid peak periods, based on bio-inspired artificial intelligence technology.
Luminous panels that work by collecting daylight or artificial light and redirecting it in a controlled manner.
Swiss Blue Energy
Thermomagnetic motor enabling electricity to be produced from residual heat at low temperatures.
Swiss Eco Line
Water diffusion technology that uses 90% less water than is needed by a conventional diffuser.
Swiss Fresh Water
Decentralised water treatment system with telemetry-assisted maintenance.
Swiss Hydrogen
Personalised turnkey solutions based on hydrogen-related technologies.
Swiss Newater Group
Hydroclean, cleaning and disinfection technology based on a non-toxic biocide obtained by the electrolysis of water using diamond electrodes.
Transparent, hydrophobic and antireflective surface coatings that reduce the quantity of reflected light.
Surface treatment for the production of coloured thermal and photovoltaic solar panels.
An integrated system with low ecological impact for waste collection, treatment and recycling by local authorities.
Talbot New Energy
Production of electricity from low-pressure vapour.
Equipment for the collection and treatment of water from road drainage.
Flexible mobile structures (tents, etc.) clad in photovoltaic panels.
Waste water treatment technology enabling inorganic salts to be separated out and organic waste to be reused.
Three-wheeler electric vehicles for urban use.
A system of exchangeable recharging modules for mobile appliances, for use in airports, rail stations, city centres, etc.
Trunz Water Systems
Self-sufficient systems for water treatment and purification powered by renewable sources (solar power, wind power).
TVP Solar
Flat solar thermal panels based on high-vacuum tubes, for air conditioning and heating.
Technology for the conversion of high-altitude wind energy to electricity using tethered wings.
Tyre Recycling Solutions
Technology for recycling tyres with recovery of the rubber and metal.
Installation and management of rooftop farms on urban buildings for the supply of local, organic produce.
Air treatment solutions, odour neutralisation, pollution breakdown and sterilisation by ionisation.
System for the ecological treatment of Varroa (bee parasite) by hyperthermia.
Vela Solaris
Simulation software for the design of solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pump and combined energy systems.
Development and marketing of bicycle light systems of the future.
System for the continuous monitoring of engine emissions based on virtual sensor technology.
Software solution and human-machine interface for assisting drivers and optimising the driving of electric vehicles.
Design and production of folding electric bicycles.
Electric motors for boats and a multiple-use energy storage solution.
Vuna Sàrl
Pas d'égouts ? Pas d'eau ? Pas de valeur ?
Vuna vous montre comment vous évitez de polluer l'eau avec vos excréments, comment épurer vos eaux de manière efficace, ou
comment valoriser vos eaux usées sous forme d'engrais ou d'eau fraîche.
Waste Allocation Systems
Manual waste compactor for individuals and SMEs.
Diamonds in the service of water. Water treatment systems without chemical additives based on boron doped diamond electrodes.
Navion, the transport of tomorrow ? a hologram-based augmented reality system to assist and inform the drivers and passengers of vehicles in real time.
Development and marketing of electric bicycles with unrivalled comfort.
Leasing solution for the installation and management of photovoltaic solar systems.
Zaphiro Technologies
Zaphiro Technologies is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL).
It offers to electrical utilities SynchroGuard, the first synchrophasor-based monitoring and automation
system that makes electrical grids more reliable and efficient while reducing costs.