Aero41 SA

Aero41 aims to meet the needs of winemakers and farmers, by developing a drone to treat crops with precision. Much less phytosanitary or biodynamic products are used.

The Vaud-based startup is proposing a flexible and intelligent platform that will integrate AI and collect data to make crop protection more eco-responsible while being effective in ensuring the necessary yields.

Winegrowers working in hard-to-reach areas quickly saw the value of this product, and they are the first users. In Europe, some 100,000 hectares of vineyards cultivated on slopes of more than 30% have been identified. On this type of terrain, it is estimated that it takes 4 hours of manual work to treat one hectare, whereas the drone spends only one to one and a half hours. As a bonus, soil erosion due to the passage of the small tracked vehicles is avoided. The ultimate advantage, spreading by drone avoids any contact between humans and the product.

Switzerland and Austria have already given the green light to the use of these machines; certification is underway in France, Germany and Italy. And on the West Coast of the United States, wine producers have also expressed interest.


c/o Agropôle, Chemin de Greybin 2
1415 Molondin (VD)

Phone: +41 24 466 41 41