AgroSustain Sàrl

AgroSustain develops several processes to extend the lifespan of fruits and vegetables. A small revolution for the food industry!

The first compound in development is a natural fungicide. This will protect many crops against the moulds that damage them while they are still in the field. The product is not yet complete and is expected to be commercialized by 2027.


Following numerous discussions with its customers, AgroSustain has chosen to diversify its products. The start-up specialized in natural coating. It now offers a process to be sprayed on fruits and vegetables, directly after their harvest. The time to consume these foods is thus extended from a few days to more than a month depending on the product. Today, many European distributors and retailers have already adopted this technology, which is revolutionizing the food industry. "Food waste is one of the worst scourges of the 21st century.


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