Aurora's Grid

The software developed by Aurora's Grid aims at an optimal management of lithium-ion batteries. By implementing electrochemical aging models, the start-up improves the quality of the dimensioning and promises, among other advantages, an extension of the life of the batteries.

40%. That's the increase in lifespan the company promises to users - individuals or businesses - who integrate its software with a Li-ion battery. The solution allows the storage of energy produced via renewable sources and discharges the battery with a low profile, when renewable sources are lacking. An approach that extends the life of the batteries.

The software also offers the possibility of assigning a Li-ion battery to several simultaneous needs: self-consumption, charging an electric car or even selling energy to the grid. The management system thus reduces the initial investment costs. It also makes it possible to verify at any time the nature of the energy stored and then reinjected, a sort of guarantee of origin.


EPFL Innovation Park, bâtiment C
1015 Lausanne (VD)