Bcomp Ltd.

Supplier of robust, high-performance materials for the industry, developing lightweight solutions based on renewable materials.


ampliTex - The ampliTex range of technical fabrics includes different weaves - bi-axial, twills and UDs, optimised for lightweight reinforcement. Thanks to excellent mechanical properties and low environmental impact, the ampliTex range is extremely versatile. In addition to high specific stiffness, it provides excellent vibration damping, high radio transparency and beautiful design options, making ampliTex perfect for applications from sports to automotive, aerospace and marine. Available as dry fibre or prepreg. 

powerRibs - Inspired by leaf veins, the proprietary powerRibs reinforcement grid enables natural fibre parts to match the performance in stiffness and weight of carbon fibre parts. The powerRibs adds maximal stiffness at minimal weight by creating a 3D structure on one side of a thin-walled shell element. This enables using less base material, decreasing weight and cost. Furthermore, consumables in production such as bleeder and breather can be eliminated, thus further reducing environmental impact and cost.

Both ampliTex and powerRibs are made from natural flax fibres.



Bcomp's team of highly-skilled engineers and material scientists offers its customers cutting-edge engineering and production support from the first idea to the final part.


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