Clean Insulating Technologies

The Gramitherm technology, which was developed in the Lausanne area, makes it possible to manufacture natural and ecological insulating panels from natural grass. Initially developed with the EPFL, it is today Christian Roggeman who took over the company, named Clean Insulating Technologies. The company is proud to propose the first model of thermal insulation panel made from natural grass.

Currently, there are different types of bio-based thermal insulation panels, constructed from wood or hemp for example. What's innovative about the Clean Insulating Technologies system is the use of unprocessed grass biomass. The company is the first in the industry to exploit this technique!

Specifically, the Gramitherm process allows grass to be fully exploited as a raw material, without emitting any waste. It valorizes the lost grass by finding a second use for it, in a circular economy approach. The process is unique in that it separates the raw material (silage grass) and the cellulose fibers from the digestible compounds used for biogas production.


c/o Fondation EPFL Innovation Park, Bâtiment C
1015  Lausanne (VD)