Controlling urban cleanliness, optimizing the use of resources and reduce the environmental footprint of cleaning

At Cortexia, we are committed to working with cities to improve the quality of life of their residents and respect the environment. Our artificial intelligence-based technology measures the state of cleanliness in real time. This data leads to a better use of resources for a controlled level of cleanliness, with unmatched results in terms of cleanliness and sustainability. 

The Cortexia solution brings a new dimension to urban cleanliness management. Instead of working according to habits, cleaning services manage their resources according to objective indicators. They can thus control a measurable level of service and optimize the use of their resources accordingly. Detailed data on types of waste and changes in the cleanliness of each location over time make it possible to establish diagnoses and take appropriate action. On the basis of these measurements, the road authorities adapt their rounds according to the level of soiling measured, redeploy litter garbage cans and ashtrays where they have an impact, intervene rapidly in the case of annoying or dangerous waste, etc. 

The Cortexia solution allows to:

  • measure and map the cleanliness of the area 
  • measure and map the city's cleanliness in order to accurately measure the level of service implement and optimize the appropriate means to achieve the expected level of cleanliness in an efficient manner




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