Daphne Technology

In response to maritime pollution, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has issued new standards that are more restrictive than before. As a result, shipping companies must find a solution to comply with the new guidelines. Daphne Technology offers an innovative solution: SulPure, an exhaust gas purification system that produces no waste.

Using nanotechnology, the highly polluting sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides are removed and converted into fertilizer. In this way, SulPure reduces noxious air emissions from marine engine exhaust while being cost-effective.

The gas purification system consists of three steps. First, there is particulate matter (PM) removal. Then, using Daphne Technology's system, a chemical reaction that breaks down the molecules, the noxious emissions are converted to ammonium sulfate, a chemical compound often used as fertilizer. This technology removes up to 99.3% of sulfur oxides and 85% of nitrogen oxides.


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