Deasyl SA

Innovative solutions to boost green chemistry.

Born in 2017, Deasyl SA develops innovative Swissmade technologies that offer new horizons in the field of organic chemistry. Today, the company holds a portfolio of patents and is active in the field of petrochemistry and fine chemistry.

In particular, Deasyl offers technical solutions that recover used vegetal oils on a local scale. It also develops innovative processes to valorize glycerol, co-product of transesterification reaction. The company's mission is to offer cutting-edge solutions, thanks to its know-how in research and development and its collaborative "open innovation" model. 


Presented as a world premiere at the ISGC in La Rochelle in May 2019, Deasyl's technology is now recognized as the first mechanosynthesis technology to work in situ at temperature.



Ch du Pont du Centenaire 109
1229 Plan-les-Ouates (GE)