E-nno Switzerland SA

E-nno helps the real estate industry reduce its environmental footprint.

The solutions proposed by E-nno use data to monitor and optimize energy in buildings. In concrete terms, the solution developed by the start-up allows data to be exchanged with technical installations, so as to learn more about thermal behavior. Thanks to optimization algorithms, the heat production is modulated according to the collected data. The advantage of the box lies in its adaptability to all heating systems. It allows energy savings of 10% to 30% on the existing stock or on new buildings.

The data collected creates value for all stakeholders. The technology allows remote monitoring of installations, checking indoor comfort, making charge statements more reliable and preparing renovation work. Owners, managers and heating engineers all benefit from E-nno's expertise for their respective needs. E-nno's vision is to make building energy management intelligent, pleasant and intuitive for all concerned.


Chemin de la Tour-de-Champel 4
1206 Genève (GE)

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