Founded in 2018 in the canton of Fribourg, the company Enoki accompanies real estate actors towards the integration of more sustainability within the neighborhoods and buildings they construct or renovate. With the objective of facilitating sustainable lifestyles, the young company develops new uses in neighborhoods, so that everyone can move and consume in a sustainable and local way.

In concrete terms, the young company proposes a neighborhood activation process based on a method called NeighborHub. This method is built on tools for assessing residents' needs and measuring sustainability performance. Its goal is to have a positive impact on the climate, the local economy and the quality of life of the inhabitants, while indirectly using cleantech solutions. 


In the first phase, Enoki's interdisciplinary team is active in imagining adequate solutions to bring more sustainability to a neighborhood. During this phase, it evaluates the potential and feasibility of the projects to be undertaken and chooses which actions can be implemented.


Then comes the phase of setting up the uses, developments and dynamics of the neighborhood. Enoki uses different means to carry out this stage, such as the organization of participatory workshops, the creation of local partnerships, the establishment of local services and the organization of awareness-raising activities, as well as the execution of facilities (neighborhood space, outdoor facilities). 


The last step concerns the accompaniment of the residents in their new neighborhood dynamics. This involves supporting the residents in the exploitation of shared spaces and the organization of activities and new services. Enoki is also in charge of measuring the sustainability performance of the neighborhood, echoing the neighborhood labels, ESG criteria or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as defined by the United Nations.


c/o Fri Up Passage du Cardinal 11
1700 Fribourg (FR)

Phone: +41 78 710 55 44