Fireforce Technology Sàrl

Fireforce Technology has been successfully developing a new wood chip heater for district heating networks (DHC) for several years.

The innovative combustion system developed by Fireforce Technology achieves the following results, among others:
  • Fine particles under the detection threshold, which allows the saving of the installation of electrostatic filters
  • Complete combustion, thus no CO2 emissions
  • A great flexibility in the power (between 10% and 100%)
  • An efficiency of 8 to 30% higher than traditional machines
  • A great flexibility in the raw material both in its quality and its humidity (wood from 15 to 55% relative humidity)
  • A more compact machine occupying less space than a traditional machine on the market (in addition to the absence of filter)

All of these advantages allow Fireforce Technology to offer very attractive contracting solutions for heat takers while often avoiding major engineering work. In particular, Fireforce Technology can provide a unique solution when lack of filter space is an issue.


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