Gaiasens Technologies

Measure, observe, simulate to anticipate and better understand.

GAIASENS Technologies is an innovative company at the service of the environment. It offers real-time measurement solutions, environmental studies and modeling services as well as the implementation of operational solutions for the management of natural hazards.

Meteorological measurement and real-time visual tracking in extreme environments.

GAIASENS installs its own measuring stations and cameras, and gives you access to your data in real time via its web interface. The data is stored and processed on the company's servers, and the web interface allows you to visualize it over the selected time periods. Email and sms alarms can be set up according to your needs. The measurement stations have been developed to be operational in extreme environments while being energy autonomous and transmitting data in real time.

For several years, they have been used for alpine risk management in winter as well as in summer. They are more efficient day by day and are perfectly adapted to mountain areas.

Regional and urban air quality modeling and forecasting

Following an Innogrant award from EPFL GAIASENS has developed an air quality forecasting chain from regional to local scale. Several regions are currently benefiting from these daily forecasts and their expertise on air pollution. The implementation of this tool for a region and a large agglomeration takes between 6 months and one year and includes the expertise of all the data necessary for such a modeling tool (in particular the emission register which can thus be evaluated and improved). The forecasting chain then provides direct access to air quality forecasts for the regions and agglomerations concerned. A web interface allows the analysis of the 3-day forecasts and is a valuable decision-making aid.


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