Green-Y Energy

We provide a combined solution to tackle two major challenges of our energy future

Challenge 1: How to efficiently store electricity from renewables?

Challenge 2: How to provide heating & cooling from renewables?

We give the answer by combining the electricity storage together with a heating and cooling unit in one decentralized device. This leads to a highly efficient tri-generation energy storage system which allows electricity storage far below 1 ct/kWhel.

The integration of renewable electricity on a large scale is only possible with a competitive electricity storage. The combination of heat, cold and electricity in a single device is game changing. The cost per stored electricity becomes unrivaled low at high energy efficiencies. Worldwide, every building is in need of heat, cold and electricity. Since heat and cold can be stored easily and at low cost, the generation of it can be shifted in time according to the availability of solar and wind energy.


Tschamerie 40
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