GridSteer is an EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne) spin-off. It provides an autopilot system for electric grids (concept-wise, similar to autopilot systems for autonomous cars or aircrafts). Our patented autopilot system can steer an electric grid (of any size, from microgrids to large distribution grids) to follow a given trajectory. While following the trajectory, the autopilot system takes care of grid safety, i.e., it avoids line congestion and voltage fluctuations.

Microgrids are ideal target for our autopilot system because we support

  • (1) unintentional microgrid islanding,
  • (2) distributed energy resources,
  • (3) microgrids with little or no inertia,
  • (4) microgrid dispatchability and frequency support to the main grid.

Moreover, in the presence of large distributed renewable generation and electric cars, the power profile of the grid is typically very volatile and therefore, advance planning is not sufficient. The grid needs to be designed or refurbished for worst-case scenarios but our autopilot system can avoid this costly operation (saving both time and money) by steering the grid away from these worst-case scenarios. We have deployed and tested our autopilot system in the EPFL microgrid and the EMPA NEST building. We envision to avoid the refurbishment of our existing electric grids by optimally managing the resources in the grid.


c/o Fondation EPFL Innovation Park, Bâtiment C
1015 Lausanne (VD)

Phone: 412222222222