Based in Visp, HOOC AG offers a wide range of services from remote access to remote maintenance, including state-of-the-art solutions in the field of Internet of Things and connectivity. With visualization applications and various embedded software, the start-up offers a complete range of services for the operation of systems and networks.

Since 2015, HOOC has been operating in the Connect, Control and Collab business areas. Connect stands for secure remote and web-based access as well as plant and site networking. Control includes modern remote maintenance, data visualization and reporting. Collab refers to automatic remote alarm and various services for the digital workspace. 


The basis of all HOOC solutions is the highly encrypted remote VPN access. Thus, the core element of HOOC products can be summarized as the HOOC Cloud. Here, plant data is centralized and can be accessed by users via the encrypted VPN connection. In order to benefit from HOOC solutions, a suitable gateway is required. This guarantees the secure transmission of data between the installations and the HOOC Cloud.



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3930 Visp (VS)