Pexapark is a renewable energy software company. Our mission is to help renewable stakeholders to make better energy sales.

Pexapark, the Swiss FinTech company, is helping renewable stakeholders to make better energy sales.
Renewable energy transitioned from a subsidized to a free market, resulting in an increase in costs and risk to sell energy.
To help companies succeed in this new era, Pexapark has developed a
complete revenue management solution, specialized for power purchase
agreement (PPAs). These contracts replace the financial security that subsidies used to provide.
The start-up, founded in 2017, by Michael Waldner, Luca Pedretti and Florian Müller has grown rapidly into a team of 29 experts.
Our two years track record:
Worked over 4’000 MW of renewable projects
40+ mandates throughout Europe and the US
Educated over 450 energy professionals in our PPA Academies
We were awarded in two startup programs: Venture Competition (top 25) and Edge 196 Global Fintech Startup challenge (finalist). Recently, we were selected amongst the 10 “venture leaders Fintech for 2019”, which resulted as a fundraising roadshow taking place in Hong Kong, in November.
Funding Pexapark launched in 2017 with €1.5 million in seed capital. It has completed its Series A round for an additional €3.5 million, which we plan to invest into the further development of the fintech platform and the growth of the team.
We also received a grant from the European funding for Research and
Innovation - “Horizon 2020”.


Wiesenstrasse 5
8952 Schlieren (ZH)

Phone: 079 750 73 31