The Valais-based start-up Qaptis, which came out of Professor François Maréchal's EPFL laboratory, offers an alternative solution that makes it possible to engage in decarbonization by using the existing truck fleet and infrastructure. This plugin capture kit captures 90% of CO2 emissions and stores them in liquid form directly on board. A significant first step in the decarbonization of the transport industry.

Founded in 2021, startup Qaptis is committed to mitigating the effects of climate change in the mobility sector by capturing CO2 emissions at the source. The technology it offers connects directly to a vehicle's exhaust and recovers the heat and energy used to run the capture system. Based on temperature variation, the system recovers heat, adsorbs the CO2 and the heat is then reintegrated. The last step of the process consists in the compression of the CO2: the heat is transformed into mechanical energy thanks to turbo-compressors developed by a laboratory of the EPFL.


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