Specialized in the field of electrochemistry, RedElec Technologie SA is a Valais-based company that has succeeded in the somewhat crazy challenge of reducing the ecological footprint of denim dyeing, the fabric used to manufacture jeans. Initially developed to make the indigo dye soluble, this process using electricity as a raw material also has applications in water treatment, metal recycling and energy storage.

Electrochemistry is also efficient for the removal of metals (copper, zinc, nickel, gold, silver) contained in industrial effluents to make them compatible with treatment in wastewater treatment plants. However, RedElec's patented reactor allows to go even further since it opens the way to an efficient recovery of metals contained in industrial waste. This application is of growing importance, both to mitigate imbalances between supply and demand and for environmental reasons. It addresses the need of a circular economy to move away from landfilling resources.

To meet the expectations of local authorities and industrial clients active in water and waste treatment, RedElec is currently working on the development of electrochemical alternatives to traditional processes. By maintaining its research and development activities in Valais, the company hopes to develop skills locally, before rubbing shoulders with the international market. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate once again that Switzerland has an ideal research environment for bringing innovation to the heart of its industrial fabric.


Route des Artisans 14
1908 Riddes (VS)