Smartsuna is the Swiss specialist in self-sufficient solar systems. Faced with rising energy prices, making one's home self-sufficient is an idea that attracts many homeowners. By using the systems developed by the start-up, they obtain an energy self-sufficiency that covers 85% of their needs.

Founded at the end of 2020, the start-up smartsuna advises, sizes and installs intelligent autarkic systems for private individuals who wish to democratize the concept of solar autarky. Citizens who own a house or who wish to build a house are the main target customers of the start-up. In the medium term, it aims to offer its technology to factories, PPEs, hotels and service companies, all of which would have an interest in discovering this autonomous and innovative energy supply system. 

Inspired by the energy supply of mountain huts, the autarkic model is considered as one of the key elements to cover the electricity needs. The developed technology ensures that users can be self-sufficient in electricity in their households. In contrast to other solar systems, where in the case of a power failure there is no electricity supply, the smartsuna system can continue to operate in "hut" mode. 


Rue des Casernes 57
1950 Sion (VS)

Phone: 027 205 60 80