SoHHytec is specialized in the optimization of fuel and solar energy production. A technology that should allow various industrial players to promote their ecological transition.

Producing hydrogen, electricity and heat with only water and solar energy may seem like magic. But in the premises of the Lausanne-based company SoHHytec, this scientific feat is taking shape. The technology is promising.

SoHHytec proposes a new approach to the production process: foster a decentralized system where hydrogen is produced as close as possible to its place of use in a totally clean and green way.

The principle is to concentrate sunlight through a parabolic collector to separate the chemical elements from water in the revolutionary photoelectrochemical device it has developed. The device thus produces hydrogen and oxygen as well as electricity and heat, without any CO2 emissions.


EPFL Innovation Park, Le Garage, Chemin de la Raye 13
1024 Ecublens (VD)

Phone: 41216933890