Solaxess makes facades active and fully respects architectural constraints and design.

Swiss company specializing in high solar technology, Solaxess develops, designs and markets nano technology films that are inserted during the manufacturing of photovoltaic panels.
Thanks to the use of Solaxess film, standard panels can be perfectly integrated into the construction of buildings of all kinds. PV module manufacturers can now design panels in white or any other light colors.
As a building element in its own right, the "active" building envelope is entering the 2.0 era. Facades and roofs become active and aesthetic. The innovative Solaxess technology behaves like a "selective mirror" allowing to reflect part of the visible light energy, while letting through the rays of the infrared spectrum. This unique feature allows the photovoltaic panel to appear perfectly white or colored to the naked eye, thus hiding the solar cells, while maintaining an excellent conversion efficiency. Solaxess film is compatible with any solar technology and makes any PV panel aesthetically pleasing.

Examples of achievements: here and here


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