Sparrow Analytics SA

We design and build networks of mobile sensors to scan the city, collect data and analyse to help city administration, citizens, and private companies to create a better life, products, and services.

Sparrow is the most advanced urban environment scanning system capable of measuring many aspects of environment in cost effective, real-time, complete, and accurate way. The concept of Sparrow is creating a network of autonomously moving scanners in the city to measure and collect data street-by-street to form a complex big data for pattern analysis and studies. This big data opens endless opportunities from improving quality of urban life, to elimination or diminution of source of pollution. 



Air and noise pollution mapping and deep analysis for improvement of life in the city 



Road quality mapping and traffic pattern analysis for optimization of mobility 



AI powered monitoring for detection of abnormal events for early warning systems.


Rte du Stand 45
1260 Nyon (VD)