Founded in 2021, WattAnyWhere proposes to revalue renewable ethanol by using it to power future electric vehicle charging stations.

Currently, to supply the terminals, it is necessary to go through the points of medium voltage or high voltage. It is thus necessary to buy equipment and to draw electric lines. The works of connection represent more than CHF 500'000 for a single site, without speaking about the delays.

WattAnyWhere proposes to use the residues of biomass, transformed into ethanol, and to use it as energy vector. This renewable ethanol is already available in large quantities in Europe.

In concrete terms, the renewable ethanol would be transformed into energy thanks to a fuel cell. The whole thing is close to the charging stations. The innovation lies in the adaptation of the latest generation solid oxide fuel cell. The WattAnyWhere team is developing its own proprietary architecture and control algorithms to ensure that its solution is efficient, quiet, CO2-neutral and installed at the customer's site within a month.


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