HYDROTHERMA Swiss Ecological Technologies SA

HYDROTHERMA Swiss Ecological Technologies SA

HYDROTHERMA Swiss Ecological Technologies SA - is a Swiss start-up company, an effective developer of breakthrough technologies in the field of cleantech, especially - environmentally friendly waste recycling (including hazardous waste disposal), and clean energy production.



HYDROTHERMA works on creation and implementation of the universal high-tech energy-efficient technologies in the next spheres:

  • low-cost clean energy production on an industrial scale (environmentally safe, energy-efficient & law-cost method of hydrogen production under hydrothermal oxidation processes)
  • industrial waste and wastewater treatment (including toxic and low-radioactive)
  • production of high purity, fully crystallized nanocrystalline aluminum hydroxide (boehmite) and oxide (corundum) on an industrial scale.

For effective waste recovery (including hazardous and highly toxic substances) we propose to use our developed supercritical hydrothermal oxidation (SCHTO) technology, which allows to carry out the environmentally friendly recycling and utilization of different kinds of wastes into harmless products.The technology provides oxidation of not less than 99.9% of organic compounds in the mixture into environmentally safe products.

The main features and competitive advantages of the SCHTO: high technical and economic efficiency, versatility, environmental friendliness, operativeness.

SCHTO method allows to destroy most organic compounds, which are major components of toxic wastes and effluents, almost completely. The technology ensures the disposal of toxic substances to produce harmless gaseous products of CO2 and nitrogen.

One of the greatest advantages of the SCHTO technology is that, even when its main application is the recycling & destruction of waste, this technology at the same time proved to be the best alternative for clean energy production. Especially in contrast to incineration.

SCHTO process of waste recycling takes place with emanation of heat, which is sufficient not only for supplying the plant itself but it also can transfer some energy to external customers.


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