Cleantech in Chile - The untapped potential of green mining

01.04.2019 à 13:30

Promoting sustainability - A user manual

At the event, Mark Untersander from the Trade Point in Chile and Juan Pablo Schaeffer, Chile representative at the International Labour Office (ILO, Geneva) will show you what not to overlook when planning your trip to Chile. They will show you the enormous natural potential the country has to offer for Cleantech. Chile's copper industry generates annual sales of over USD 30 billion and is expected to become more efficient and sustainable by 2026 with investments of over USD 60 billion. At the event, our experts will explain the prevailing regulations and tell you which cultural conditions should not be underestimated. You will learn about the efforts currently being made in the field of green mining and how resource-efficient technologies can help mine operators reduce their costs. You will also learn how this greening of the mining business will affect the future, how to prepare for it, how to reduce your environmental footprint and gain a competitive advantage at the same time.

All roads lead to Chile, find the right one

Waste, water, energy, mobility, safety and sustainable construction: green mining includes several subject areas in which a wide variety of companies can be found. A panel discussion with relevant export professionals will introduce you to these diverse topics and the subsequent breakout sessions will deepen what you have learned. Register for the workshop that is relevant for you and find your own path to green mining.

First-hand experience: don’t make the same mistakes as others

Swiss companies from the waste, water, energy, mobility, safety and sustainable construction sectors will be reporting on their export experiences at the event. Use your tips to quickly identify opportunities or lurking obstacles and take home valuable advice from experienced exporters.

A strong network is half the battle

The relaxed lunch event offers you the ideal platform to exchange ideas with other exporters and experts, make new contacts or cultivate existing ones. In addition, S-GE will gladly find you the right business partners for successful expansion into Chile. Before the event, we would also be pleased to offer you individual, free consultation sessions with our country and specialist experts.


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