Droople is smart grid that orchestrate IoT devices and a cloud server with AI capabilities enabling pay-per-use, leak detection, consumption behaviors insights on the demand side and remote data collection and supply forecasting on the supply side. With this features set, droople's platform can also operate for smart irrigation.

Droople is a smart grid of devices comprising IoT enabled metering devices on input and on the endpoints (volume and related energy) of buildings, homes and facilities. It will also orchestrate smart valves, hygrometric sensors and other external data such as weather forecast and drone pictures and a cloud server with AI capabilities.
On demand side, it enables pay-per-use invoicing reducing by 19% water and 15% related energy consumption, leak detection (silent and visible) and data-driven drought management situations.
On the supply side, it enables real-time and remote data collection from single-entry water meter and a better supply forecasting with prediction capabilities thanks to our AI engine and the integration of external data such as weather forecasts.


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