15 December 2022

3S Swiss Solar Solutions: innovative solar modules helping to bring about the energy transition

For more than 20 years, 3S Swiss Solar Solutions has been busy developing solar panels at the forefront of technology. Manufactured on the company’s site in Thun, 3S Swiss Solar Solutions’ photovoltaic systems are not roof-mounted but integrated directly into the building envelope (roof, façade or balcony rail). An original blend of design and innovation that proves popular with architects.

As one of Switzerland’s solar pioneers, the Bern-based company’s mission is to strive every day to help make the world a little more sustainable for the sake of future generations. And it’s doing a great job, with more than 14,000 solar-enabled roofs, façades and balcony rails and counting. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, the solar modules are manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with Swiss environmental standards, which can be demanding. “We make high-quality carbon-neutral photovoltaic systems, distributed by our specialist partners,” says the company’s Sales and Marketing Director Dominique Studer.

3S Swiss Solar Solutions initially traded only on the Swiss market, but its success has encouraged the company to branch out beyond the country’s borders. “Due to high demand, we have extended our network of specialist partners to Germany and Austria, where we now have some excellent B2B relationships,” adds Dominique Studer. To guarantee quality and expertise throughout the value creation chain, the company works only with qualified specialist partners competent to advise end customers and see them through their solar installation from start to finish.

An environmentally conscious business model
Ecology, sustainability, carbon footprint: these concepts are bread and butter to 3S Swiss Solar Solutions and part of the company’s DNA. In developing its durable, long-lasting products, 3S focuses on sparing use of resources and proposes recycling outcomes for its solar modules at the end of their life. Internally, the company has introduced processes to reduce its carbon footprint, which are continually reassessed to establish how they can be improved.

A 3S project in La Tour-de-Peilz near Montreux illustrates just how remarkable and efficient 3S solar panels are. In what is regarded as a symbol of the council’s commitment to combatting climate change, it has fitted the roof of one of its administrative buildings in the town’s historical district with a 3S solar installation in keeping with the stringent technological and aesthetic requirements. The colour of the solar modules is a perfect match with the building’s old terracotta roof tiles. And 3S’s advanced technology means that the modules are low-reflection, increasing the amount of solar energy produced. A challenge met with relish by 3S Swiss Solar Solutions, who like to remind us that technology and attractiveness can make good bedfellows.

The next steps for 3S Swiss Solar Solutions
In Thun, the team at 3S Swiss Solar Solutions has plenty in store for the coming months. Their new website is intended to be a more intuitive, customer-oriented visual platform for their specialist partners and any others who may be interested.

For 3S Swiss Solar Solutions’ senior management, questioning their assumptions and optimising their working methods is their day-to-day approach, and this is also how they are tackling the company’s next steps. “For the future, our goal is to continually improve our products, keep championing our values and remain committed together to turning the energy tide,” Dominique Studer concludes. Their team is delighted to be playing an active part in the energy transition by producing innovative products that have proved themselves beyond any doubt.